emergency call out

0845 054 40 40

You do not need a contract to take advantage of our emergency call out facility, although it is certainly an advantage. Our team of engineers are on hand Monday to Friday from 8.45am - 5.15pm. Whether it’s preventative maintenance or responding to a machine breakdown, we are ready to respond. Call the number above to log your problem and one of our team will be happy to respond.

We offer a range of flexible contracts to support for large format printers.  We have a high level of spare parts inventory by both engineers and here at HQ in Stockport. 93% of problems are solved during the first support visit.

·      Routine Maintenance

·      Installation

·      Commissioning

·      Bespoke Training 

As part of our QA, we contact all supported customers regularly to audit performance - not just waiting for things to go wrong!  Extraordinary customer satisfaction means our customers can focus on getting their job done - confident that we'll do ours!.   

Today large format printers are extremely high tech devices.  We have over 40 years experience of learning new technology and we specialise in providing unparalleled sales service, and technical support. so you benefit from our experience.